Friday, May 13, 2016

The Latest Advances in Drive Offerings for Conveyors, Part 1: Green Premium Power Drive System

Arrowhead Conveyor's Electrical Engineering Team continuously reviews the latest technology to ensure that our products deliver the best performance at the lowest possible operating cost. Our team recently focused their research efforts on drive technologies and have developed several new offerings.

The first drive offering we want to explain is the new Green Premium Power Drive System®. The system achieves progressive, high-efficiency performance by pairing new technology from DanFoss variable speed drives and Brother permanent magnet motors and encoders. This combination exceeds the new standard for IE3 green energy requirements, dramatically improves operating efficiency, and considerably reduces maintenance costs. Best of all, this leading-edge approach to product handling includes a 3-year warranty.

The new Green Premium Power Drive System masterfully performs the task while generating significant energy savings. As the chart illustrates, Permanent Magnet AC Motors (PMAC) perform at least 5% more efficiently than other motors in regards to both speed and power. In fact, we conducted several tests and discovered the following: a single 1 HP motor operated at a fully-loaded state with an energy cost of roughly .10 kWh creates a savings of approximately $86 per year. We also found that running an empty conveyor on a standard induction motor creates a minimum current draw of about 70% of the nameplate’s full load amp (FLA) rating. However, when running the Brother configuration under the same conditions, the result was 40% of the nameplate’s FLA rating. That is an additional 30% savings when using the gear motor and drive combination. 

Green Premium Power Drive System performance

The Green Premium Power Drive System also provides a wide range of operating speeds due to the Brother encoder. The system can achieve a ratio of 1000 to 1 compared to the non-closed loop package which performs at a ratio of less than 20 to 1. As a user, this means that you will not need to keep as many spare parts on-hand because one unit can cover a wider range of speeds.

Another benefit of the Green Premium Power Drive System is the sealed gearbox. First of all, because sealed gearboxes do not require oil changes, you eliminate maintenance tasks. Secondly, you can orient the motor/gearbox combination in any direction, giving you enhanced flexibility. Third, our studies show that on average, closed loop encoder units run at least 30°F cooler, and sometimes as much as 70°F cooler, compared to other units without encoders. This lower temperature equates to longer life for the units and safer conditions for your operators.

In future articles, we'll discuss the advantages of our other new offerings: Decentralized Control Systems as well as the Marathon Motor and Grove Gearbox Combination.

Download more information on the Green Premium Power Drive System.

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