Thursday, February 28, 2013

NeXtgen II Passes BISSC Third-Party Verification Inspection

NeXtgen II has been third party verified by BISSC

The NeXtgen II has been reapproved as Third-Party Verified from BISSC (Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee). BISSC is a nonprofit corporation that works closely with the American Society of Baking Z50 Committee to develop an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for the design of bakery equipment. The ANSI standard provides a guideline for manufacturers to adhere to when designing equipment to ensure proper sanitation and food safety.

BISSC was started in 1949 to develop voluntary standards for the design and construction of bakery equipment. Those standards are the basis for what is recognized as the definitive sanitation standards used today for all equipment used in the bakery industry.

In 1966 the BISSC Office of Certification was established to easily identify equipment as conforming to BISSC standards. The Office of Certification offers two equipment certification programs to manufacturers who build their equipment to the ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2012 Sanitation Standard for Bakery Equipment.

The first certification program is Certification. This applies to manufacturers who design and manufacture their equipment in accordance to the ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2012 Sanitation Standard for the Design of Bakery Equipment, in turn they will be able to display the BISSC certified symbol on the equipment.

The other certification program is Third-Party Verification. Manufacturers who are already registered and certified by BISSC can request a third-party inspection by a BISSC approved independent testing agency to verify that the equipment is BISSC compliant. Once the manufacturer passes the third-party test, they can display the BISSC Verified symbol on the equipment.

The NeXtgen II patented open frame sanitary design continues the Arrowhead Conveyor tradition of high quality, user friendly and reliable equipment. This model has been Third-Party Verified by BISSC, and is an ideal conveyor for use in any sanitary food processing line where food safety is a primary concern.

The NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor system also offers a significant benefit by being a truly modular constructed conveyor. The conveyor elements can be easily reconfigured to meet your challenging production line changes. If your production environment can benefit from conveyors that are safe, sanitary and easy to clean, then the choice is easy – NeXtgen II – the right choice.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NeXtgen the Next Generation of Sanitary Conveyors Part 4

NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor From Arrowhead Systems
NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor
The NeXtgen II is Arrowhead Conveyors mat top sanitary conveyor and is highly customizable to fit any sanitary material handling operations. In this fourth article in our series on sanitary conveyors we will explain the main advantages of using our mat top sanitary conveyor.

NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor From Arrowhead Systems is BISSC Certified.

The NeXtgen II continues the Arrowhead Conveyor tradition of producing quality reliable equipment that is easily configured to meet your most demanding processing needs. The NeXtgen II has been third-party certified by the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC) using a set of definitive sanitation standards for equipment used in the baking industry.

NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor From Arrowhead Systems Open Frame Design
NeXtgen II Open Frame Design
Our NeXtgen II system features the latest innovations in “Open-frame” construction. Our construction is entirely stainless-steel. All square tubing is on diamond for efficient cleaning and to prevent liquid pooling where micro-bacteria can reside. Our modular construction helps to minimize your expense for future expansion and product changeover.

Features of the NeXtgen II sanitary conveyor:
  • Tested and verified by BISSC to be in compliance with:
    • ANSI/BISSC/Z50.2-2003 Sanitation Standard.
  • 100% visiability of all product contact zones.
  • TIG welded construction.
  • Reduced fastener content for easy cleaning.
  • Patented open frame design.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Modular bolt together piece parts.

NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor From Arrowhead Systems Featuring a Plastic Modular Belt.
NeXtgen II Featuring a Plastic Modular Belt
We manufacture sanitary conveyors with every belt type used in the food industry today. As processors have discovered the most versatile belt is the Plastic Modular Link type. We have designed systems using our patented NeXtgen II system of almost any belt path you could require. The NeXtgen II system is a reduced fastener design, this allows for disassembly of the sanitary conveyor right down to its bare stainless steel frame in as little as two minutes. The only Tool you will require is a punch or small screwdriver to remove one belt pin. We have incorporated every design improvement we could to produce a sanitary conveyor that will significantly improve your line’s hygienic quality. Our system will reduce your sterilization costs by a direct reduction in chemical usage, labor to disassemble/re-assemble, water consumption and waste water generation.

NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor From Arrowhead Systems Ideally Suited For the Baking Industry
NeXtgen II Ideal For The Baking Industry.
Our Patented NeXtgen sanitary frame construction offers a unique advantage in that the system is completely modular. The conveyor sections can be connected in almost any line configuration you require. The versatility of the system allows retention of your investment not offered by other conveyor types currently on the market.

Reduce your sanitation costs.

The NeXtgen II is a clean-in-place (CIP) conveyor system, utilizing its reduced fastener disassembly and open-frame construction will help you reduce your labor, chemical, water usage and waste water generation significantly.

Retain you equipment investment.

The NeXtgen II modular construction allows for easy reconfiguration and expansion to meet your future production line requirements.

Protect your investment.

Our patented design is the most sanitary conveyor on the market today. Use of antimicrobial plastics and our electro polish finish help protect your customers.
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