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A&B Engineering Services - We Provide Engineered Solutions

A&B Engineering Services LLC is the aftermarket service and support division of Arrowhead Systems. A&B Engineering provides solutions for your equipment needs. Whether it is upgrading older machinery to meet today’s higher capacity demands and safety requirements, or installing new equipment, A&B Engineering has worldwide proven experience to assist in your technical necessities.

A&B Engineering provides aftermarket parts, engineering solutions, field services, installation services, machine audits, relocation services, startup services and technical support for all major brands of the following equipment:
  • Palletizers
  • Depalletizers
  • Warmers
  • Coolers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Electrical Controls & Systems

Aftermarket Parts

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A&B Aftermarket Parts
Customers can minimize their downtime by maintaining a spare parts inventory. A&B Engineering provides customer assistance to help develop an individualized central spare parts list. OEM and fabricated parts are available with cross reference service for obsolete and hard to find parts. An emergency parts shipment is also available and can be sent rush to facilities within the US Monday through Friday.

Engineered Solutions

A&B’s engineered solutions will extend the productive life span of older equipment when new equipment is just not in the budget. Engineered solutions can be provided to all major brands of equipment:
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A&B Engineered Solutions
  • Bulk Container systems
  • CIP systems and certified sanitary conveyor lines
  • Palletizers and Depalletizers
  • Rinsers, Warmers, Coolers
Safety upgrades to older equipment reduce the risk of work-related injuries. Kits are available for many popular enhancements including light curtain upgrades and hydraulic to electrical conversions.

Field Services

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A&B Field Services
A&B Engineering’s qualified field service personnel include, field service technicians, field service engineers and field project engineers. A&B’s field service technicians are responsible for the installation of equipment, performing any necessary machine repairs, and troubleshooting any existing problems. The field service engineers provide start-up and commissioning services, line control integration, and hands-on machine training. Field project engineers are responsible for programming, project management and provide engineering solutions.

Installation Services

Ensuring your machine is installed precisely to factory specifications, and crucial to a successful start-up, A&B Engineering offers installation services to any major equipment brands of palletizers, depalletizers, conveyor systems, material handling equipment, warmers and coolers.

Machine Audits

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A&B Machine Audits
A&B Engineering offers a comprehensive onsite mechanical audit on all brands, customizable for either a single machine or an entire line. This includes a written audit report providing recommendations that can be used as a tool for future budgetary planning.

Relocation Services

Relocation services are available for your equipment. A&B Engineering carefully and methodically disassembles and reassembles all major brands of equipment. Shipping is provided for equipment to new destinations. Short term storage is also available for equipment in transit between locations.

Start-up Services

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A&B Startup Services
A&B Engineering start-up services is provided for the entire Arrowhead Systems family of equipment as well as all other major brands. Start-up and commissioning services ensures your new equipment passes SAT testing, and performance also matches the FAT results.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by A&B Engineering’s highly trained fully qualified customer service, field service, and engineering personnel available by phone for troubleshooting.

Upgrade your bottom line…

With custom engineered solutions to fit your needs. All Industries - All Major Equipment Brands - All Over The World. Your world class partner for packaging equipment service & parts.
  • Scrutinize your line’s performance with professional audits.
  • Maximize up-time with PLC and HMI programming upgrades and line controls integration.
  • Minimize risk with safety upgrades.
  • Repurpose legacy equipment with engineered solutions.
  • Increase efficiency with OEM parts and field services.
  • Enhance performance of robotic palletizer & depalletizers cells.

… With custom engineered solutions that fit your needs.

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