Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The NeXtgen Sanitary Incline Conveyor

The NeXtconveyor Incline Conveyor with Infeed Hopper and Discharge Chute 

Arrowhead Conveyor’s sanitary line of equipment NeXtconveyor, introduces a new and unique bulk hopper conveyor. Our latest design is this cleated incline conveyor with an infeed hopper and discharge chute. This system is capable of handling a wide variety of food or pharmaceutical products. Our NeXtgen hybrid design is suitable for USDA applications such as raw meats, poultry and seafood.

Cleated Belt Design

NeXtconveyor Incline Conveyor Infeed Hopper
Infeed Hopper
The cleated belt design helps keep the products from falling to the bottom of the conveyor while additional products are being dispensed into the hopper. Inside the all-welded seamless hopper container, a dividing plate has been placed in an optimal position between the cleats for additional product support.

NeXtconveyor Incline Conveyor Three Pin Bracket
Three Pin Bracket

Three Pin Bracket

This NeXtgen hybrid features the latest in sanitary design from our engineers. The three pin bracket seat design for the underneath drip pans allows for quick and easy disassembly for cleaning.

Roller Uptake

NeXtconveyor Incline Conveyor Roller Uptake
Roller Uptake
A cam-levered roller take-up on both sides of the conveyor has been added to make cleaning or changing the belt a breeze. When the lever is in the raised position, the belt can be removed. When the lever is lowered, the cam-lever tension keeps constant pressure on the end of the conveyor, keeping the belt from slipping.

A front cover plate finishes off the sanitary design to ensure products stay contaminate free and also offers the benefit of easy fastener-free removal for clean up duty.