Thursday, May 23, 2013

Arrowhead Conveyor Turns 50!

Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation 50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation

On June 1, 2013 Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation is proud to be celebrating 50 years in manufacturing of high quality, reliable conveying equipment.  We attribute our longevity to the many talented and dedicated professionals who have brought their passion over the years, and just as importantly the loyalty of our customers.

From our humble beginnings in the garage of founder Mr. James Steiner in 1963, to the world-wide presence Arrowhead Conveyor holds in today’s market, we've been fortunate to share our success with so many people who have made us great. Our commitment of providing our customers with exceptional products and service remains as strong as ever and will continue to grow for the next 50 years.

Our History

In 1963 James Steiner started Arrowhead Conveyor from his home garage. After years of working various jobs, he decided to start his own company and use his innovative ideas for conveyor improvements. The first customer was a Pledge can line for Johnson Wax Company (now SC Johnson). With a machine lathe and drill press the conveyor line was constructed in sections in the garage of his home.

Business soon picked up and Mr. Steiner moved the business out of the garage to an old city gas station garage. After two additions to that building he needed more space, and built the building we are currently in today.

Some of the innovations Mr. Steiner made to the conveyor industry were:
  • In conjunction with Rexnord, together they developed the first side flexing chain.
  • Developed the first side flexing conveyor.
  • Created the first 90° Disc Turn.
  • Originated the Closed Top design for conveyors.

In 1998 Arrowhead Conveyor was purchased by Arrowhead Systems a company owned by Mr. Thomas Young.  Mr. Young has a diverse background in the material handling industry and has continued to grow and expand the Arrowhead Conveyor brand.  A&B Engineering Services and Busse/SJI Corporation located in Randolph Wisconsin are also companies of Arrowhead Systems along with the Priority One case palletizing product line.

Company Milestones

  • 1963 Company founded by James Steiner.
  • 1968 Pioneered the use of Side Flex Chain Conveyor.
  • 1970 Originated the Closed Top Design for conveyors.
  • 1980 Launched the first Gripper Elevator and Lowerator systems.
  • 1986 Introduced Gripper Air and Water Rinsers.
  • 1988 In conjunction with Rexnord, designed and implemented the use of side grip chains for Gripper Rinsers and Gripper Elevators & Lowerators.
  • 1989 Developed the Express Component Program, now known as ArrowSelect.
  • 1990 In conjunction with Rexnord, designed and implemented LBP chains.
  • 1998 Arrowhead Systems acquires Arrowhead Conveyor.
  • 2003 ArrowElite case conveying line was added.
  • 2006 The Nautilus Dynamic Inline Accumulator was developed.
  • 2006 The Sidewinder diverting system was developed.
  • 2007 Purchased NeXtconveyor to add a sanitary line of conveyor to the company.
  • 2010 Acquired the can conveying and can handling technology from CCH Engineering.

The Next 50 Years

The strength of the organization resides in our innovative engineering ability for custom applications and a consistent manufacturing process for quality and reliability of all our products. We will continue to be revolutionary in our approach to providing our customers the solutions they need, when they need them. We look forward to serving them for many years to come.

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