Friday, October 26, 2012

A&B Engineering Develops Partnership With Beverage Services Industries

Beverage Industries
A&B Engineering Services has developed a new strategic partner relationship with Beverage Industries (BI) of Cheraw S.C. BI specializes in buying and reselling what they market as “Preferred Integrated Equipment”. This packaging, filling and processing equipment is purchased from bottling and filling plants that are shutting down or who are consolidating their lines. BI refurbishes the equipment and then resells it to their extensive customer base primarily through online auctions (click here to see more about them and their facilities). Types of equipment includes palletizers, depalletizers, conveyors, coolers, warmers, strappers, wrappers, and other filling line OEM equipment like cappers, fillers, labelers, etc.

A&B Engineering will provide BI with auditing services for many of these pieces of equipment. The intent of this program is to provide buyers confidence of knowing the condition of the used equipment they are purchasing has been evaluated and graded by an unbiased 3rd party. BI’s next auction is set for November 15, 2012 at their new Myrtle Beach, S.C. facility. A&B Engineering will be present at this auction exhibiting its services and promoting its new relationship with Beverage Industries.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

AHS Revealing the New Row Stripper and Auto Adjust Rail System at Pack Expo Chicago

Come and see us at our booth N3332
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Pack Expo is the largest most comprehensive processing and packaging event in the world. This year the show takes place October 28-31 at the McCormick Place in Chicago. Arrowhead Systems will once again be participating in the four day event. Stop by our booth at #N3332 or schedule a Pack Expo meeting with us here.  Representatives from each Arrowhead Systems company will be on hand to discuss the wide range of packaging equipment and services available to you. Here’s a sampling of this year’s featured attractions.

Upgrade your bottom line with custom engineered solutions from A&B Engineering

Arrowhead Systems will showcase one of its companies, A&B Engineering Services at Pack Expo this year. While A&B Engineering Services is responsible for all after sales services for Arrowhead Systems companies, we also provide parts, service, programming upgrades, and custom-engineered solutions for other major equipment brands. Whether your plant is located stateside or on the other side of the world, A&B’s field service reps will keep your packaging equipment running efficiently.
Stop by our booth and sign up to win a free audit.

Be one of the first to see the new Busse/SJI Row Stripper in action

Busse/SJI is introducing their new Row Stripper. The Row Stripper is designed to single file a group of non-round containers while they are being depalletized. Visit our booth and watch the Row Stripper take single- filed containers from a conveyor and form those containers into a pattern of rows for palletizing purposes. Once the containers are formed into rows, the equipment will strip out each row, and deliver the containers back to the conveyor in a single file.

Reduce your energy costs with the newly designed Arrowhead Table Top Conveyor

Visit our booth to learn about Arrowhead Conveyor’s newly designed standard Table Top conveyor. This updated conveyor is pre-engineered and has many extra features available. You can order this conveyor in either painted mild steel or stainless steel construction.

Grove Gear
 IronMan E Series
The freshly designed Table Top conveyor also features a new energy efficient Grove Gear IronMan E Series gearbox. The IronMan E Series operates at 90% efficiency and provides up to 60% higher torque than a typical worm gear reducer. The ability of the gearbox to operate at high efficiency allows you to save money on your conveyor systems through energy cost savings.

Arrowhead Systems is also working with other gearbox manufacturers to offer new energy efficient options for conveyor and machine needs. Nord energy efficient gearboxes will be featured on the Busse/SJI equipment.

Get your hands on Arrowhead Conveyor’s new Manual and Auto Adjust Rail Systems

Arrowhead Conveyor will also be exhibiting our new auto adjust rail system. This display will allows users hands- on testing of the various selections of manual and auto adjust rails.

ArrowSelect Conveyor
The Quick Ship Open Top Conveyor, better known as ArrowSelect®, will be on display as well. The Quick Ship Conveyor offers companies the delivery of quality equipment at a competitive price. The ArrowSelect’s modular design gives you the flexibility to adapt to systems quickly. ArrowSelect Conveyors are available in either painted mild steel or stainless steel construction.

Stop by our booth N3332 say hello, and check out the two full-sized bison heads hanging from the rafters. Or take a few seconds now and schedule a Pack Expo meeting with one of our representatives. You’ll get personalized attention from an expert in the equipment and services you’re interested in. And did we mention we have free stuff just for you?

Arrowhead Systems has been designing and building manual and automated container and material handling equipment for a combined period of over 160 years. Today, we offer one of the broadest container handling and material handling product lines in the market. Visit for more information about our products and services.

Friday, October 12, 2012

AHS participates in the Amazing Packaging Race at Pack Expo

PMMI Amazing Packaging Race at Pack Expo
Arrowhead Systems is one of nearly 30 exhibitors who are supporting the Amazing Packaging Race at Pack Expo. The event is a scavenger hunt-style competition in which teams of students travel the show floor completing challenges at volunteer booths.

The Amazing Packaging Race is a win-win for both participating exhibitors and the students. Exhibitors benefit from from pre-show and onsite promotion, the attention they receive when students in brightly-colored shirts bearing their logo complete the tasks, and online buzz on the Twitter Feed. Students benefit from the engaging experience and their new connection with industry leaders. Read more: PMMI Press Release

Come down and visit us at our booth (N-3332) and check out our latest innovations, we would love to meet our customers in person. We also will have a two full-sized bison heads on display!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Congressman Tom Petri Visits Arrowhead Systems

Congressman Tom Petri visited Arrowhead Systems in Oshkosh, WI yesterday. The Congressman met with AHS representatives and was given a tour of the Oshkosh facility. Congressman Tom Petri represents the 6th district of Wisconsin and is serving his 17th term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The purpose of Congressman Petri’s visit to Arrowhead Systems was to show what we do here in Oshkosh and how we have grown over the years.

Among the topics discussed during Congressman Petri’s 2 hour visit were the uncertainty of the global markets and how that not only affects our business but other Americans as well. The Congressman appreciates the issues we face and will keep in touch and follow up later.

Congressman Petri enjoyed his visit to our Oshkosh facility. He was introduced to the quality workforce of Arrowhead Conveyor as he toured the plant. The congressman has expressed his interest in visiting our Randolph, WI facility in a later date.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NeXtgen the Next Generation of Sanitary Conveyors Part 1

Sanitary Conveyors
News reports about food contamination caused by harmful pathogens such as e.coli, norovirus and salmonella just to name a few are occurring at an alarming rate.  A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report in 2011 found 1 out of every 6 Americans have gotten sick from food borne diseases.  With all of these outbreaks it is absolutely crucial to maintain sanitary conditions in the food production industry.  Equipment manufacturers have persistently sought innovative design approaches to help keep food contaminate free, therefore keeping consumers safe from these hazardous food borne diseases.

The conveyor plays an integral part in the food processing chain.  The conveyor allows for reliable consistent delivery of the product to its destination.  To ensure food stays safe during processing, the conveyor must be designed, constructed and installed in accordance to sanitary guidelines put forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well other governing agencies.  Sanitary conveyors must incorporate the principles laid out by theses agencies to be effectively cleaned and disinfected, requiring all of its surfaces to be designed to withstand daily contact of corrosive foodstuffs and cleaning chemicals.

Nextconveyor Sanitary Conveyors
When sanitary conveyors meet these guidelines this ensures food processing will remain safe with the end result of consumers being shielded from unsafe bacteria.  Sanitary conditions still rely heavily on the food processing plants ability to follow or exceed governing standards for cleaning of the equipment to uphold these pristine sanitary conditions. With the correct conveyor and a well prepared steadfast cleaning program in place, meeting these requirements will make the food production industry more secure.

Our NeXtgen sanitary line of conveyors meets and exceeds FDA and other governing agencies standards in design and construction.  These conveyors are highly customizable to fit any configuration needed. With all stainless steel construction and each featuring easy wash down components, our sanitary conveyors help reduce costs due to cleaning and minimize down time.

Nextgen Sanitary ConveyorsWe offer the easy to clean modular Nextgen sanitary conveyor that features a table top design utilizing a singular chain.  This conveyor is ideal for any processing line where food safety is the primary concern. The NeXtgen II is a patented sanitary modular designed conveyor that continues our tradition of high quality, user friendly and reliable equipment.  This model has been third-party verified by the Bakery Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC) using a set of definitive sanitation standards for equipment used in the baking industry. For maximum conveyor sanitization we feature the fully welded solid stainless steel constructed NeXtgen Ultra. NeXtgen Ultra sanitary conveyors are designed and proven to meet the requirements of USDA/AMS, NSF, AMI’s “10 Principles of Sanitary Design,” BISSC and 3-A – Dairy Specifications.  This conveyor is ideal for any sanitary food processing line where food safety is a primary concern.

This is the first article in a five part series about our sanitary conveyors and how they pertain to the food processing industry.  We will describe what the principles of sanitary design are and how we are adhering to those principles in the construction of our sanitary conveyors.  Arrowhead Systems has created a set of patented principles that are used in determining the type of conveyor needed within the food processing industry, defining them with our three distinct conveyor lines.  We will go in depth on each conveyor and spell out its benefits and what type of industry it pertains to.