Thursday, January 3, 2013

NeXtgen the Next Generation of Sanitary Conveyors Part 3

NeXtgen Table Top Sanitary Conveyor
NeXtgen Table Top Sanitary Conveyor 
In our third article about sanitary conveyors we will be talking about the NeXtgen Table Top Sanitary Conveyor. The NeXtgen’s patented sanitary design continues the Arrowhead Conveyor tradition of high quality, user friendly and reliable equipment.

Customers using our products realize long-term, cost-effective benefits by reducing equipment sanitation time, chemical usage, and waste disposal costs. Customers also benefit from:
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Minimal down time.
  • Industry-standard components.
  • Quick replacement of parts nationwide.
  • Inexpensive production line conversion.
  • Personalized service.
NeXtgen Table Top Sanitary Conveyor Open Frame Design
Patented Open Frame Design 
The NeXtgen sanitary conveyor is ideal for any processing line where food safety is the primary concern. The NeXtgen is a table top sanitary conveyor that features a patented open-frame design and continuous TIG welded seams to provide a “liquid tight” frame to prevent micro-bacterial growth in those joined areas.

With its patented open frame design, the NeXtgen offers high visibility to all of the product contact zones. The open frame design makes it easier to see any food particles and debris leftover from processing. This allows for easy-to-see clean-up and thus reduces the need for more water and detergents while contributing to a faster, easier and more effective cleaning.

NeXtgen Table Top Sanitary Conveyor With Optional Accessory Product Washer
Optional Product Washer
The NeXtgen is a Clean-In-Place (CIP) conveyor system free from any sharp corners and crevices where pooling can occur and micro-organisms can breed. This conveyor is ideally suited for filling lines where empty containers move into a filler. Add the optional accessory product washer to the conveyor and this accessory will clean containers as they move down the line, where any spillage is rinsed off by water spraying from the nozzles.

NeXtgen Table Top Sanitary Conveyor Ideal For Pharmaceutical Lines
Ideal for Pharmaceutical Lines
NeXtgen Conveyors also presents a distinct advantage to the Pharmaceutical Industry by helping to prevent cross contamination. Our patented open frame construction insures there is no place for stray tablets to hide. The optional product washer can also be used as an air blow-off/vacuum chamber for dust removal on these pharmaceutical lines.

The NeXtgen Sanitary Conveyor system offers a significant benefit by being a “truly modular construction”. The NeXtgen’s components can be easily reconfigured to meet your challenging production line changes.

Arrowhead Conveyor offers many options to its NeXtgen sanitary conveyor. Side covers, drip pans, covers, hoods and sealed threaded feet levelers all provide extra protection against contamination for a safer processing line.

Our engineering consultants are professionals who partner with each customer to help achieve the best production solution regardless of budget. From the on-site design of an entire production line with dozens of stations to the creation of a single standard device, customers can rely on us to meet all requirements cost-effectively, efficiently, and with pride.

NeXtgen Table Top Sanitary Conveyor Modular Construction
NeXtgen Modular Construction
We have also dedicated our skills to re-engineer several commonly required machines to exceed the sanitary requirements of today’s food manufacturing environment. Our engineers are experts are inventing solutions to help solve difficult or labor intensive operations. We will incorporate your plant’s component or fabrication specifications to our equipment whenever possible. This helps to reduce your inventory and takes advantage of purchasing agreements that exist within your organization.

To learn more about Arrowhead Conveyors line of sanitary conveyors, NeXtconveyor, please visit our website.