Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Create a Winning Situation with the Right Sanitary Conveyor

Save time with tool-free, solid stainless steel frames
Modern design features can drastically reduce operational costs
In the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, proper equipment cleaning and sanitation are paramount because the stakes are high. Few players want to gamble with consumer health, government regulations, or profit losses caused by delayed production line start-ups, product recalls, or plant shutdowns. But how much money do you lay out on the table for sanitation costs?

There are many suitable washdown and sanitary conveyor options that transport products in a safe, clean manner. But selecting the correct type of conveyor for your application is critical, especially in a large facility where hundreds or thousands of feet of conveyor are required. The wrong choice could cost a fortune in operating expenses.

Our new white paper, “Create a Winning Situation with the Right Sanitary Conveyor,” profiles the design features of sanitary conveyor and helps you determine which conveyor options quickly pay for themselves through reduced operating costs. Learn how conveyor features can affect the following:
  • Benefit the environment and the company's bottom line
  • Reduce labor and improve food safety
  • Safeguard against workplace hazards

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