Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Power of the Bison

A herd of bison usually roams our booth at trade shows

At the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver last month, attendees were drawn to the Arrowhead Systems booth by the herd of bison roaming the display table. The little bison-shaped stress relievers proved an icebreaker from which multiple inquiries flowed. 

In fact, one particular topic of conversation came up quite often. Many attendees were of the opinion that Arrowhead Systems “just does conveyor systems.” They were not aware that the Arrowhead Systems family of companies encompasses so much more.

Here is a sampling of conversations that we had with both growing and established craft brewers:

  • We spoke to an Operations Manager from a growing craft brewer who had just purchased a used piece of equipment for his facility. As it turned out, this equipment was built by one of our competitors. The Operations Manager needed someone to provide a machine audit and subsequently re-install his new toy. We showed him the capabilities of Arrowhead Systems, with a specific emphasis on A&B Engineering’s ability to install and repair our competitor’s machinery. This turned out to be a solid fit for this craft brewer’s expansion needs.
  • We also heard from a well-established craft brewer who had recently purchased a new filler, lifting their capacity from 72 bottles per minute to almost 400 bottles per minute. The craft brewer’s operations team was concerned that their existing depalletizer would not allow them to maximize their upgraded capabilities, and they were not in the market for a fully automated depalletizer. We described the full range of Busse depalletizers designed to fit his needs. However, if he decided to purchase a used piece of equipment, A&B Engineering could assist by providing audits, repairs, relocation, and training.

Overall, attendees at the Craft Brewers Conference found that Arrowhead Systems is much more than “just a conveyor company.” While Arrowhead Conveyor manufactures a wide array of conveyor systems, Busse/SJI is a leader in palletizing and depalletizing equipment. In addition, A&B Engineering Services provides a full array of service solutions including field service, equipment relocation and installation, audits, upgrades, line controls, safety enhancements, training, and parts. Arrowhead Systems assists you in increasing productivity with full-scale solutions. We also take care of you with comprehensive service on your Arrowhead Systems equipment and other major brands.

John Biel - Aftermarket Sales Representative for A&B Engineering Services

P.S. If you’re looking to get your hands on a bison-shaped stress reliever, visit us at Pack Expo in Chicago on November 2-5, 2014.

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